Lyla Flared Leg Jeans, Mid Wash

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Size: S
Color: Mid Wash

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About Lyla Flared Leg Jeans, Mid Wash

These Lyla Flared Leg Jeans come in a mid wash and feature a mid waist for a comfortable fit. They are designed with a button fastening with zip fly, belt loops, front welt pockets, back pockets, slightly flared legs, and a rounded back yoke with seams at the center back. These jeans provide a great blend of fashion and comfort.


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The model is 5'9 and is wearing S size.

Waist 28"
Hip 38.5"
Thigh 12"
Rise 11"
Inseam 31"

Waist 30.5"
Hip 39.5"
Thigh 13"
Rise 11.5"
Inseam 31.5"

Waist 33"
Hip 40.5"
Thigh 13.5"
Rise 12"
Length 32"

Details / Features

Materials / Care

Lyla Flared Leg Jeans, Mid Washis made with

100% Cotton

Fabric details


Denim is a sturdy, durable fabric made primarily from cotton. It's characterized by a twill weave, which is a weaving pattern involving diagonal lines. The most common use of denim is in jeans, but it's also used for jackets, shirts, bags, and other clothing and accessories.

Here's how you can take care of denim:

  1. Washing: Denim doesn't need to be washed as often as many other fabrics. In fact, washing denim too frequently can cause it to lose color and degrade in quality. Unless stained, jeans can often be worn several times before washing. When you do need to wash them, use cold water and turn the jeans inside out to protect the color.

  2. Detergent: Use a mild detergent. There are detergents designed specifically for dark colors and denim that can help preserve color.

  3. Drying: Air dry your denim whenever possible. High heat can cause denim to shrink and can degrade the fabric. If you must use a dryer, use the lowest heat setting.

  4. Stains: Treat stains immediately. Soak up as much of the stain as possible, then treat with a stain remover or a mild detergent before washing.

  5. Storage: Store denim in a cool, dry place. Hanging jeans by the belt loops can help them keep their shape.

  6. Ironing: If your jeans get wrinkled, iron them inside out on a low heat setting. Some prefer not to iron jeans at all, and the wrinkles will often fall out after wearing them for a bit.

  7. Professional Cleaning: For high-quality, designer, or raw denim, consider professional cleaning. These types of denim are often made with unique dye processes or fabrics that require special care.

  8. Repairs: If your jeans get a small tear or hole, consider repairing them rather than throwing them out. There are many tutorials online for patching jeans, or you could take them to a professional.

Remember, every piece of denim clothing may come with its own specific set of care instructions on the label, always make sure to check and follow those for the best results.

Fit and silhouette details

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