Serge is a type of twill fabric that has diagonal lines or ridges on both sides. It was traditionally made of wool, but can now also be found in cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. Serge is known for its durability, strength, and wrinkle-resistance, and is often used in suiting, uniforms, and other types of durable clothing.

Here are some tips to take care of serge fabric:

  1. Read the Care Label: Always check the care label on your garment for specific instructions. It provides crucial information on how to wash, dry, and iron the garment without damaging it.

  2. Cleaning: If the garment is made of wool serge, it's typically dry-clean only. For cotton or synthetic serge, machine or hand washing in cold or warm water can be suitable, but again, check the care label to be sure. Use a mild detergent and avoid bleach.

  3. Drying: Allow the garment to air dry naturally. Avoid wringing out serge fabric as it can distort its shape.

  4. Ironing: If ironing is necessary, use a low to medium heat setting and always iron on the reverse side of the garment. For wool serge, a pressing cloth is recommended to prevent shine.

  5. Storage: Store serge garments in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, which can cause the color to fade. Using padded or wide hangers can help the garment maintain its shape.

Remember, improper care can damage the fabric and shorten the life of your garment. Always adhere to the recommended care instructions to keep your serge fabric looking its best.