Our cores and values

As a fashion brand, our commitment to environmental stewardship mirrors your own concerns for our planet.

We steadfastly prioritize minimizing our environmental footprint and preserving our planet for future generations.

Our dedication lies in avoiding the unnecessary creation of additional garments, thus striving to mitigate any adverse impact on Mother Earth and safeguarding a sustainable legacy for generations to come.


At The Bekk, our commitment to environmental responsibility aligns with your own concerns for our planet.

We exclusively utilize cardboard packaging boxes instead of poly mailers or poly bags. Garments are carefully wrapped in paper rather than being packed in poly bags.

We strongly encourage you to consider the separation of recyclable materials or, even better, to explore options for reusing our packaging.


Every item we offer is meticulously crafted, with design originating in Los Angeles, California, or through collaborative efforts with designers and vendors in South Korea. Our products proudly bear the "Made in South Korea" label, a testament to the country's superior environmental standards and equitable labor practices. South Korea's robust labor laws are instrumental in fostering improved workplace conditions for all employees.

We uphold a commitment to equitable compensation, ensuring that both our vendors and team members are compensated fairly from the outset. Additionally, we adopt a conscientious approach to production, deliberately minimizing the number of pieces manufactured to prevent excess inventory, waste, and environmental impact.

Our merchandise is meticulously curated, and we conscientiously limit the volume of new arrivals and available stock to align with our sustainable principles.