Frequently Asked Questions

Check our frequently asked questions and answers for orders, shipping, returns, and others and save time.

What is your return policy?

Our return policy spans a total of 21 days. To initiate a return, please request it and submit the necessary form within 14 days of the delivery.

Our team will carefully review and approve your request within 2 business days. Once approved, you will be promptly notified and provided with a complimentary return label.

For the return to be free, it must be dropped off and scanned within 14 days from the delivery date.

However, should the return be dropped off and scanned between 15 and 21 days after the delivery date, a return label fee of $12 will be deducted.

Please note that returns dropped off and scanned after 21 days of the delivery date cannot be accepted.

  • We kindly request that you initiate the return process at The Bekk Return Center within a period of 14 days from the date of delivery.

  • Our dedicated team will carefully review and process your return request. Please note that the approval process typically requires approximately 2-3 business days, which falls outside the designated return window period.

  • Prepare your return by utilizing the original packaging box. However, if you choose to use your own return packaging, please be aware that any damages incurred to the items during transit due to insufficient packaging will result in The Bekk declining responsibility for refunding the returns.

  • Please ensure that you conveniently drop off your return at the nearest USPS location and ensure that it is properly scanned. For returns dropped off and scanned within 14 days of the delivery date, no additional charges will be incurred. However, if the return is dropped off and scanned between 15 to 21 days, a deduction of $12 will be applied to your refund. Please note that any returns dropped off and scanned after 21 days will be regrettably rejected and returned to you, along with an additional fee.
I requested the return, but did not receive the return label.

Upon receipt of your return request for purchased items, our team conducts a comprehensive internal review.

This process is typically completed within 2-3 business days.Please note that the duration of this review is not included within the return window.

Upon approval of your return request, you will receive a The Bekk return label, which can be accessed either through the email notification sent to you, or by downloading it directly from our return center.

Please note that you that it is the customer's responsibility to regularly check the status of their return, as well as retrieve the return label.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders containing items in stock will be carefully prepared for shipment, and the tracking information for these orders can typically be accessed within 1-2 business days after receiving the tracking number.

Please note that the tracking number itself is usually generated within 3 business days from the time of purchase.

 If you selected US economy shipping, your order will typically arrive at your doorstep within 2 to 6 business days after being shipped. For orders placed with US standard shipping, the delivery time is typically 2 to 3 business days.

Please note that pre-orders may have varying delivery times depending on the estimated delivery date.

Additionally, delivery dates for pre-orders can vary based on the selected shipping method and the destination country.

It says my order was delivered but I never received.

For packages shipped via UPS and USPS, tracking history is available.

If the tracking status indicates that your order was delivered but you have not received it, we advise you to check with your neighbors, mail room, leasing office, or any other locations first where the delivery driver may have left the package.

In the unfortunate event of a missing, stolen, or damaged parcel, we offer Navidium shipping insurance.

If you opted for insurance when placing your order, please urgently contact us at for assistance.

Please note that if your order is not insured, we are unable to issue a refund and strongly recommend contacting the courier to initiate a claim with them.

What happens if I pre order?

Prior to placing pre-orders, please review the product page for the estimated starting date of delivery.

Kindly note that the estimated delivery date is subject to potential adjustments, and you will be promptly notified of any changes.

Rest assured that we will promptly prepare and ship your pre-order once the items are ready for dispatch.