Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown
Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown
Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown
Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown
Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown
Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown

Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, Vintage Washed Brown

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Size: S
Color: Vintage Washed Brown
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Introducing the Matilda Cargo Mini Skirt, a vintage washed brown piece featuring an elasticized waist and draw strings for a comfortable, adjustable fit. It also includes two cargo pockets with zip closures and finished with raw hem edges, creating an edgy, unique mini skirt.

Size Chart

Please find below a standard size chart for women, based on US measurements. It is important to note that variations may exist in sizing due to specific garment features or fabrications. For detailed information, please contact at

Size US/CAN Bust(round) Waist(round) Hip(round)
XS 0-1 31"- 33" 23"- 25" 33"- 34"
3-5 33"- 35" 26"- 27" 35"- 36"
M 7-9 35"- 37" 28"- 29" 37"- 38"
L 11-13 37"- 39" 30"- 31" 39"- 40"

Silhouette & Features


Mini length with slightly A line silhouette

Elastic waistband with adjustable waist with functional drawstrings
Raw cut edges 
2 large utility pockets on front with zipper fastening 
Mini length 
Shorts inside 
Raw cut edge hem 
Acid washed fabric - all pieces can have slightly different shades and washed marks


Waist 25"~29"
Length 12.5"
Hem(thigh) 44"
Shorts rise 9.5"(excluding waistband)
Inseam 2"
Shorts Leg Opening 12.75"(flat)

Waist 27"~31"
Length 13.5"
Hem(thigh) 46"
Shorts rise 10"(excluding waistband)
Inseam 2.5"
Shorts Leg Opening 14"(flat)

Waist 29"~33"
Length 14"
Hem(thigh) 48"
Shorts rise 10.5"(excluding waistband)
Inseam 3"
Shorts Leg Opening 15"(flat)

Fabrication / Care

Cotton 72%
Poly 28%



Cotton fleece-backed jersey fabric refers to a type of material that combines the smooth, stretchy properties of jersey knit on the outer face with the soft, plush, and insulating qualities of fleece on the inner side. This fabric is commonly used in garments that require warmth without being too bulky, such as sweatshirts, joggers, or hoodies.

Here are the primary properties and care recommendations for cotton fleece-backed jersey:

1. Warmth: The fleece backing provides added insulation, making it warmer than standard jersey.
2. Stretch: The jersey knit aspect allows for stretch, offering comfort and flexibility.
3. Softness: The fleece side is typically very soft against the skin.
4. Weight: It's generally heavier than regular jersey fabric due to the added fleece.

Care Recommendations:
1. Washing: It's often best to wash in cold water to prevent shrinkage. Use a gentle cycle to maintain the fabric's integrity and softness.
2. Drying: Tumble dry on low heat or lay flat to dry. High heat can shrink cotton and can damage the fleece's plushness.
3. Avoid Bleach: Bleach can damage the fibers and alter the color of the fabric.
4. Ironing: If ironing is needed, it's recommended to use a low heat setting and iron on the jersey side, not directly on the fleece. Alternatively, use a pressing cloth.
5. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid hanging heavy garments made of this fabric as they might stretch over time; instead, fold them.
6. Stain Removal: Address stains promptly. Use a gentle stain remover that is safe for cotton. Always check the garment's care label for specific recommendations.

Remember that, like with all fabrics, it's always a good idea to refer to the care label on the specific garment for the best advice on how to clean and maintain it.

We love because

The Cora and Matilda ensemble elegantly marries distinctive design elements, including utilitarian cargo skirts and raw-cut edges. However, what truly sets this pair apart is the heavyweight fleece-backed jersey fabric.

Its sophisticated washed hue not only accentuates the set's distinctiveness but also ensures that each piece possesses subtle shade variations and unique wash marks, bestowing a sense of exclusivity akin to owning a singular, unmatched item in the world.